Tile & Grout Cleaning

Ceramic tiles look their best when they are sparkling and colorful, with clean looking and uniformly applied grouts. However, cleaning tiles and grouts can be messy, time consuming, or simply beyond your abilities.

Call on the tile cleaning professionals to come to your home or office and clean and refurbish your tiles and grouts—making them look brand new. We bring your tiles back to life, looking attractive and decorative once again!

Always make sure your ceramic tiles look their best through proper cleaning, care, and maintenance. When they need professional attention though, whether your tiles are on your floor, wall or countertop, you can count on Steam Care Inc. to make them look as lovely as the first day you laid eyes on them.

Dirty tile and grout can be very frustrating to a conscientious home owner. If widespread, it can be an over-whelming, daunting task to remedy.

Steam Care Inc. can take the burden from you by providing an excellent tile & grout cleaning process that will rapidly bring back the pristine gleam and shine on your kitchen floors, bathroom floors and walls and anywhere you have tile and grout in your home.

Our special solution and high-pressure steam cleaning, coupled with a rapid vacuum process to remove residual water will have your tile and grout looking brand new in record time.

In addition to the innovative cleaning process, we highly recommend a sealer for your tile and grout

Call Steam Care Inc. toll free at 866-957-8508 for your ceramic tile and grout cleaning service.