Disaster Clean Up / Sanitation Disinfection

Damage from fire, water or smoke is a costly and traumatic event for both businesses and homeowners. In the immediate aftermath, it is critical that primary damage control, estimates and complete clean-up are handled promptly and professionally.

Steam Care Inc. knows what the priorities are in these difficult situations. Homeowners, Insurance Companies and Businesses want professionals who can save as many of their belongings as possible while minimizing disruption. They want fast response, accurate estimates, no surprises and quality work.

Emergency Clean Up:

Steam Care Inc. is a premier crime and trauma scene remediation company specializing in providing superior around the clock Biohazard clean up services to commercial and residential customers. Our services include the assessment and decontamination of blood and bodily fluids caused by homicide, suicide, accidents, human decompositions, or gross filth / distressed properties. Steam Care Inc. is also experienced in decontaminating environments affected by chemicals used in the clandestine methamphetamine production process and facilities that have had an outbreak of a disease. We can also properly remove Tear Gas that has been introduced into a home or business.