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Every interior paint job begins with an inspection. Preparation work consists of removing all switch plates, vents, and filling all nail holes. Flooring and furniture are thoroughly masked for protection. All cracks along door jambs, baseboards, etc. will be sealed and major wall cracks will be repaired by taping and bedding if specifically noted on the proposal. Our trained personnel are experts in matching any wall texture. Any stains will be sealed with a primer prior to paint application.

If the painted woodwork needs to be repainted, we begin by lightly sanding, cleaning with lacquer thinner, priming as necessary, filling joints with a premium sealant, and follow by finish coating with an oil base enamel. It is important to note that Steam Care sprays doors, cabinets, and paneling when feasible to provide a professional finish where other painters brush and leave drips and lines. Some customers are concerned about spray painting inside the home. Since all flooring, wallpaper, and furnishings are sealed by masking, spraying poses no risk of over spray. After paint is dry, all masking is then rolled up and removed from the job. If the painter does proper masking and preparation, spraying leaves the cleanest job with the most professional finish.

Painting Stained Cabinets and Paneling
We are experts at painting stained cabinets and paneling. We clean, sand, apply sealant, prime with two coats of top quality primer, and finish with two coats of oil enamel. Each coat of primer and paint is sprayed to provide a professional finish. Many companies only apply a total of two coats instead of four, and very few are capable of spraying.