Mold Remediation

Most houses (particularly those lived in for some time) will have some degree of mold infestation. Many are minimal and unlikely to cause any significant health problems. When infestation is severe, or the type of Mold is highly toxic, health risks increase dramatically. Some individuals are highly affected by even the slightest amount of normal molds that would not affect others. Mold testing may include collecting airborne samples, collecting samples of infested materials for subsequent analysis or collecting transparent sticky tape samples.

The most common service is the collection of airborne mold spores as it accurately represents what is being breathed by the building occupants but there are varieties of mold that are not normally found in the air and so we feel the most comprehensive testing includes both air sampling and swab samples. These collected samples are forwarded to a state licensed, accredited laboratory for evaluation and a report issued based on the findings. This report will identify molds found in the submitted sample